Honda CB750 cafe racer ’77

This Honda CB750 was in need of a full restoration. It was at the end of it’s lifecycle. The bike was stripped completely and a plan was forged to give it a new lease of live. The objective was to improve ride quality of the overall bike and have a reliable daily driver. The CB750 frame was left almost entirely original. several tabs and mounts where removed to give the frame a cleaner look. It is powdercoated high gloss black.
The original fork was replaced with a CBR600RR fork. Custom spoked wheels needed to be build to fit the CBR fork. The front hub is CNC’ed, the rims are black anodized aluminium laced with stainless steel spokes.
The engine got a full rebuild and electronic ignition was installed to replace the oem points ignition. All original electronics were replaced with new wireloom and a motogadget M-unit brain box. Also motogadget M-lock was installed and Motogadget Tiny speedo .
The rear fairing is made entirely from aluminum. A CB400 tank was fitted for a sleek look and the rear fairing was matched to that style. The green that was used is an oldskool VW green. The rear fairing has numbers on it for some race touches. The numbers are bare polished aluminium that lies beneath the paint. This gives a real cool effect together with the high contrast pinstriping in black and oldskool yellow. As a unique feature for this bike I came up with a rear fender that also holds the engine oil. It’s some sort of fender + drysump tank combination. It holds more then enough oil, cools the oil also nicely and keeps the road crap away from the engine. It has a polished high gloss aluminium finish.

Project details

Honda CB750

Aluminium 18″ front & rear
Stainless steel spokes
Front / rear brakes:
Dual brembo 4 piston calipers / original drumbrake
Bridgestones 18″
Rear fairing:
hand fabricated aluminium
hand fabricated aluminium
AN-10 oil lines braided stainless steel

Electronic ignition
Motogadget tiny speedo
Motogadget M-unit V2
Motogadget M-lock
Custom new made wire loom
CBR600RR switch housings
VW beetle green
Applied graphics by Ruben Ooms